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Spaces for Commerce

Project 1 - Hazeltine National G.C.
​A new clubhouse for the only golf course in Minnesota to host major professional tournaments.  The design criteria was patterned after the clubs golf-centric yet casual culture and the programmatic demands dictated by the PGA, USGA and specifically by the functional requirements necessary to host the 2016 Ryder Cup Championship. 
Designed and managed while at YA Architecture
Project 2 - KATI Dental Clinic

While at YA Architecture; a collaboration as Architect of Record with Designer Andrew Lucia for an ultra-energy-efficient office / clinic where the dental patient rooms are focused on a series of large picture windows looking towards forested outdoor views of the hills near Hibbing, MN.

Daylight is all indirect through a large roof skylight structure that minimizes the summer sun and maximizes the winter sunlight.

Project 3 - Office Build Out

While at YA Architecture; a small office fitted with minimal fixtures utilizing off-the-shelf cabinets arranged in unusual ways. A cool toned color palette keeps the space fresh and focused on the western sky view.


Project 4 - Office Retrofit

While at YA Architecture; an insertion of an office space into a warehouse. An overhead garage door is replaced by a fir window storefront that becomes the new entry to the space.

 Custom made desks are re-purposed from the previous office.  Lighting and unconventional ceilings lend definition to the raw space.

Project 5 - Club Dining Room

While at YA Architecture, consulting with Robert Sidenberg Interior Design, The Minikahda Club formal Dining Room is re-organized and updated with new finishes. The bar is completely remade and the previous dining room table and chairs are replaced with two well defined areas of a cocktail bar area and the formal seating area along the lakeside.

Project 6 - Windsong Farm

While at YA Architecture, My role was to develop the layout of the overall conceptual site design of 3 distinct functional buildings; 1. Pro Shop, 2. Locker Room, 3. Clubhouse. This arrangement was in response to the seasonal aspect of the founders golf club concept along with the history of the property being a rural farmstead just outside Minneapolis.

Project 7 - Barn Renovation

While at YA Architecture; an old barn at Woodhill Country Club used as a party room and warming house for winter activities is transformed by opening it's hay loft to the assembly space and by a commercial kitchen addition that makes its functional use much more flexible though out the year.

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