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Project 1- Rahm Cottage
For a Wisconsin family shared by 3+ generations, this year-round house replaced a cherished summer cottage that couldn't match the living requirements of a large extended family. Recalling elements of the old cottage, the home uses more modern spatial ideas to create a gathering place that is comfortable for 2 or 22.

Spaces for Dwelling

Project 2 - Chatfield Farmhouse

Designed while with YA Architecture, a rural southern Minnesota house for a couple wanting to connect to the picturesque rolling farmlands.  The house brings together a simple yet elegant floor plan with an animated roof form that recalls, among other things, horse feeding sheds.

Project 4 - Townhouse Modernization
Designed while with YA Architecture a dour,1980's vintage, 3 story townhouse is completely gutted and re-fitted to reveal a serene and tranquil series of living spaces for a couple down-sizing from a larger house.  A simple interior color palette is utilized to showcase modern furniture and art collections.  RAVE award winner.

Project 3 - Colorado Retreat
Designed while with YA Architecture, a traditionally stacked timber structure for a family fly fishing retreat.  The house is composed of two log cabins, one for sleeping and the other for living.  Joining the cabins are Large outdoor porches at the entry and adjacent to living areas which provide shelter from intense sunshine and quickly moving rain storms. RAVE award winner

Project 5 - Naples Residence Renovation
Designed while with YA Architecture a sprawling and uniquely challenging Florida house is altered to better suit the needs of a family, there grown children and grandchildren. Connections to the outdoor spaces are maximized and the interior spaces are made more formal by architectural enhancements, landscape treatments and entirely new interior finishes.

Project 6 - Moderne Spanish Revival
Designed while with YA Architecture a 1920's house is revitalized by simplifying, modernizing, yet honoring the spirit of the Spanish Colonial Revival style of the home. A new Kitchen is connected to a breakfast area that was converted from an existing Porte-Cochere over the entrance drive from the parkway.

Project 7 - Timeless Expansion
Designed while with YA Architecture a 1920's house is nearly doubled in size utilizing architectural details and materials consistent with the original house.  To accommodate a family of six, spaces were made generous and interconnected in a fashion to foster the way families live in the early 21st century.  Great lengths were taken to source salvaged yellow bricks that are no longer able to be manufactured with the clays presently available. Newly added rooms re-interpret the older rooms both in terms of material rendition and contemporay uses.

Project 8 - Restrictive Building Site
Designed while with YA Architecture a new house for a couple proves challenging due to a very narrow piece of property.  Seven separate variances were required due to the severely substandard property.  By carefully placing the house in relation to the neighboring structures and yards, the house creates internal spaces by implementing a detached garage that provides privacy from the street and site landscape walls that provide privacy on the lakeside. 

Project 9 - Ranch Redux
A 1970's ranch house is modernized while honoring the spirit of the original house. Large sliding doors connect inside to outside. New finishes and cabinetry freshen up the pad for today's living on the lakeside.

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